Keep track of scoreboards on Discord with ease

Scoreboarder is a Discord bot for making scoreboards, leaderboards and much more! You can create any number of scoreboards and add however many people you want to them.

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Multiple Scoreboards

You can have as many scoreboards as you want. You can also have the same people on multiple different scoreboards if you want.

Use roles

By using roles, each individual with that role will be added to the scoreboard. This could be useful for keeping track of points for a game, competition or similiar. You can also add any word to your scoreboard if you want Team A and Team B on the scoreboard.

View all your scoreboards in Discord

All of your scoreboards will be accessible straight from the Discord chat. There are also several themes available to suit your needs.

Supports slash commands

Scoreboarder works fully with slash commands. This includes autocomplete for scoreboard names and help filling out commands.

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Here’s what our users say about Scoreborder

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    Great for keeping track of scores, for instance, how many times I have kicked my friends from a VC
  • Citation mark
    I looked a lot and in the end I found what I was looking for thanks great job
  • Citation mark
    I looked everywhere and almost lost hope that I wouldn't be able to find anything but then I found this. I swear this is so simple yet so little amount of bots have this. Thanks a lot
  • Citation mark
    It is just nice.
  • Citation mark
    Insane Bro Now I Can Make A Leaderboard Of How Many Kills You Got In A Game. Thanks
    H u s s
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    I am loving the bot. The only question I have it how to I pull up page 2 of my list's? I figured it out. I am very much enjoying this bot! Thank you. Upgrading this to a 5!
    Mr Hoosier
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    I really like this bot 👀
    kioko yua

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